Ramadan Iftar Buffet

Due to the extreme popularity of our Iftar Buffet, Crave Grill House is pleased to offer Iftar Buffet seven days a week this Ramadan.  Share the spirit of Ramadan with friends and family.  Our buffet features the same great quality food that has made us popular with all of you.  From delicious chicken and beef dishes to terrific pastas, salads and dessert, our guests have been kind in appreciating the quality of everything we do.

Plan your visit and reserve your table well in advance especially on weekends as we have been fully booked by late afternoon/early evening each day.

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Our Commitment

Quality, comfort and integrity are the three key ingredients that make Crave Grill House experience exceptional. We believe your dining out experience is in fact a mini vacation. We appreciate your decision to dine with us and we are committed to delivering you a great dining experience.

Halal Restaurant Toronto

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